Not all cases are created equal

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In Caspyra, our products are limited. We believe that quality is more important than quantity. We only offer the best. If it’s on our list, rest assured the product you’re buying is top notch! 


Created with strengthened acrylic at the back and soft material for the side. The reason for this is for grip and safety. Unlike other case, all Caspyra case can be applied and removed easily. Ideal for you if you are a person who loves switching between case. This case signifies simplicity, given its contemporary design and feel. 

Only at RM 29


This case was made with a split leather (underside of cow hides). It was then later layered with a layer of PU and then embossed to perfection. Using leather as its main components, it was designed to protect your phone in any condition. Aesthetic is not the only thing that stands out in this case, we also emphasise on its weight and durability. If there is one word to describe this case, it is elegance

Only at RM 49


Measures at only 12mm thin, this case is arguable the thinnest in its class. Offering an extra 3 hours* of battery to boost your productivity and that’s not all! Made from premium material, it protects your phone from scratches and damage. Just plug in the connector to use the power reserve, otherwise, you can store it on its dedicated space when not in use. *Actual time may vary, depending on the model and usage. 

Only at RM 90

CSPR Tempered Glass

We’ve included every features of the tempered glass on the image to ease your reading. Starting from how thin it is until the small details that can annoy you (bubbles suck!). Need we say more?

Only at RM 15